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Rachel Flowers rendition of “Midnight Afternoon” by composer and jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti

Rachel Flowers is a young and extremely talented musician. Here you can see her doing a rendition of “Midnight Afternoon” by American composer and jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti. The original version is sung by Becca Stevens. Both Taylor and Becca are influences in Rachel’s musical career.

If you wish to [...]

(Español) Gustav Mahler – Un bohemio universal

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Going Global, Going Great

Yes, I know, I know. Many people in the World see globalisation as a threat. Not me, sorry. I think, for the first time in History, we have within hand’s reach the opportunity of going global and be great. More and more people have access to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google [...]

Moving Up From Good To Great

(article written by Dr Amit Nagpal)

Passion makes us great.

Albert Einstein says, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” But many of us will doubt our inner genius and question, [...]

Bartholomews & The Charlemagne Orchestra for Europe

Bartholomews-Henri Van de Velde & The Charlemagne Orchestra for Europe.

“Music is actually for me a language. Language is an act to express very deeply what you want and to give through this communication, which you use music for, you go deeply to the soul of the people. And the soul of the people is always [...]

Global & Greatness Coach – Linguistic accompaniment

A new concept of linguistic accompaniment: Global & Greatness Coach.

9th Practical Philosophy & Music Therapy Conference

Ateneo de Madrid and “Agrupación de Retórica y Elocuencia” invite you to:
9th Practical Philosophy & Music Therapy Conference

On a Philosophical Praxis. Reality, Life & Knowledge.
Presenting: Victoria Caro
Bachelor on Philosophy and Education Science and Dramatic Arts
Secretary of “Sección de Filosofía” from Ateneo de Madrid
Salón de Actos – Ateneo de Madrid
Tuesday, 1st November.

11:00 am – [...]

Coaching – Donkeys versus Greatness

Suffering From Not Suffering

I got to know about György Sebök thanks to the wise comments that the pianist and coach Eliane Lust makes on her Facebook wall, which I recommend you to follow. Around one year ago, Eliane posted a comment and a video about her old master. I watched it and I got captivated by György Sebök’s [...]

Steve Jobs: Hungry & Foolish

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passes away… Steve was the founder of Apple and creator of Mac along with Steve Wozniak. Here you are his great commencement speech at Stanford University. R.I.P. Steve Jobs