Interpretative worlds.
Re-interpreting the World.

(Español) Mikhail Pochekin: Concierto de presentación del doble CD “J.S. Bach, 6 sonatas y partitas para violín solo BWV 1001-1006″ – Ateneo de Madrid

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Nothing changes if YOU don’t change

(Español) Nada cambia si tú no [...]

Coaching & Artists

(Español) Coaching, coach y cliente

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On Consciousness In Music – Ananda Sukarlan

Maestro Ananda Sukarlan talks about the conscious and unconsciouss in writting and in listening to music.

IECoaching – Emotional Needs

Carmen Cayuela speaks about emotional needs, coaching and Emotional Intelligence.

(Español) Liderazgo interior y transliderazgo

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Gratitude Makes Us Great

Rachel Flowers: Steve Reich & The Phasing Technique

Piano Phase is a piece by minimalist composer Steve Reich. It was originally written for two piano players or one pianist and tape, but later it was played by one musician with two pianos. The phasing technique is where one person is playing a repeating pattern while the other is gradually getting faster. At first [...]

A great 2012 – Music Makes Us Great

Wishing you all a great 2012 full of great events and bliss… And, of course, great music, too!